Hodgin’s Past Reveals Many Surprises In Bones Season 9!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // August 16, 2013

Bones NewsHodgin’s Past Reveals Many Surprises In Bones Season 9!


Here’s the Spoilers on Bones from EW’s The Spoiler Room by Sandra Gonzalez for August 16th, 2013.


What else did you get from your interview with Stephen Nathan last week? Sounds like a great interview and I can’t wait to read it all! — Amelia

It was great because he’s great. And a master tease. One of my favorites? What he told me about Hodgins, who apparently will find out this season on Bones that his family history is “far more involved than he ever thought.” “A bill comes due that he never thought he had, but it had always been paid by the estate. Now, it comes to him and the bill is for a situation he could have ever envisioned,” Nathan says.


Bones returns with episode 9×01 The Secrets in the Proposal on Monday Sep. 16th, 2013 8/7c on FOX.


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