EXTREME SPOILERS For Dexter’s 8th Season Finale Episodes!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // August 24, 2013

Dexter NewsEXTREME SPOILERS For Dexter’s 8th Season Series Finale Episodes!


Here’s the Spoilers For Dexter Posted by DarkUFO at SpoilerTV on August 24th, 2013.


Dexter 8th Season Series Finale Spoilers


*Major Spoilers* for the remaining episodes 

These have been floating around the net for a few weeks now. I waited to post them here to see how the early episode spoilers stacked up in terms of accuracy.

The first few are for episodes that have now aired, I’ve included them so that you can see just how accurate they were. As you can see they pretty much nailed the early episodes.

I strongly advise that you DON’T READ THESE if you want to remain unspoiled but for those that do, please take with a grain of salt as we can’t 100% guarantee their accuracy.

Episode 8.06, “A Little Reflection”
In episode 6, “A Little Reflection” Hannah drugs Dex & Deb. Just prior to passing out, Dex sees Hannah & she says something like “remember me?” Quinn pulls up immediately after Dex m99s Zach Hamilton and says “I know what you’re doing” but he just thinks Dex is spying on Zach- b/c Quinn is also trying to spy on Zach. He does not see them99ing. It’s set up that Elway wants to spy on his brother-in-law because he knows that he’s cheating on his sister. When the guy hits on Deb and Elway freaks out, it looks like he’s doing it because this scumbag is a cheater, but Deb somehow takes his freak out as that he likes her. Dexter has Zach H on his table…but ends up not killing him…similar to how Dexter didn’t kill Hannah…but without the sex part. Saxon makes a brief appearance in Ep 6, he is probably the real Brain Surgeon. Harrison lies about hiding the TV remote. When Dex confronts him about it, he says “Daddy lies”, and then pulls out the bloodstained stuffed dog toy that Dexter got blood on. Harrison saw Dex throw it away in the garbage, and Harrison took it back. Episode 8.07 – “Dress Code”In episode 7, “Dress Code” another new character named Saxon appears- I’m not sure if he’s an ex GF of Cassie (Dex’s new neighbor) or what, but he will play a significant role in the remainder of the season. Saxon will end up having some relationship to Vogel, probably a son. Saxon will likely frame Zach Hamilton for Cassie’s murder- originally it was though Zach murdered Cassie but not anymore. Dex starts teaching Zach the Code in this episode and also tries to find out why Hannah is in Miami. Turns out Julian Sands is Hannah’s husband(I was right to notice a huge ring on her left hand in set pics), a very wealthy guy she married to survive as a fugitive. He is said to be very controlling and knows all about Hannah’s past ie: her murders. Sounded like he has her under his thumb. Sands doesn’t make it out of the episode. His last scene is Dexter and Hannah dumping him overboard on the Slice of Life. Deb knows Hannah drugged her in ep 6 and actually isn’t that upset. She makes it seem that being all “Hannah needs to die or Hannah needs to be behind bars” would put her back on the path that she went on at the end of season 7 when she killed Laguerta. Harrison overhears that Hannah is back and seems excited, looks like he still remembers her. Dexter and Hannah still profess love for one another. I didn’t ask for every single detail how we get from her drugging him and Deb to them admitting that they still love each other, I’ll post more if I get more details. .

Episode 8.08 – “Are We There Yet”

Episode 8, “Are We There Yet”, Dex tries to help Hannah leave the country, and tries to track down Zach Hamilton b/c he wrongly believes that Zach killed Cassie.

Episode 8.09 – “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

Ep. 9:” Make Your Own Kind of Music”- Dex investigates a murder that hits close to home….Dexter investigates a murder. Meanwhile, Vogel gets the surprise of her life when someone from her past returns.

-Dex investigates a murder that hits close to home… this is likely Zach Hamilton’s murder- killed by Saxon. Meanwhile, Vogel gets the surprise of her life when someone from her past returns- she discovers Saxon is related to her. Dex and Vogel search Zach’s studio and possibly find evidence of Saxon killing Zach. Deb considers returning to MMPD &’smooches Quinn. Ep opens w/ Dex & Hannah spooning in a bed.

Earlier I said Dex might find a video of Zach’s death while searching his studio… The video will appear in a later episode- it’ll be a lot like the vid of Sussman being forced to kill that guy earlier in the season. 

Episode 8.10 – “Goodbye Miami”

Episode 10 Title, “Goodbye Miami”- Dex tells Miami Metro that he is leaving & they have a going away party @ Angel’s bar. Vogel dies in this episode, the final scene has Vogel dead w/ her throat slit only Dexter & Saxon are there. More info from 10: In episode 10, Quinn meets with Debra at a cafe with roller-skating waitresses, and she tells him Dexter is leaving Miami. In another scene, Quinn and Jamie are having a meal at Angel’s beach cafe. The new Marshal, Clayton (who’s tracking someone for Elway), shows up at Deb’s beach house while Deb and Hannah are both there. Miami Metro investigates a hit & run accident next to a fountain, with a dead cyclist lying in the middle of the street, and Dex and Batista have a long talk, and then they hug: it is possible Dex was telling Batista that he was leaving. Then there’s the going-away party for Dex, full of Miami Metro types, at Angel’s cafe. Finally, there’s a scene at a dock (supposedly outside Miami Metro), where Quinn & Deb talk & kiss. 

Episode 8.11 – “Monkey in a Box”

In episode 11: “Monkey in a Box” Dex tries to sell his boat to a guy who is only interested in the size of the beer cooler. He wants to get the boat inland before Hurricane Laura hits. The guy passes on purchasing the boat. 

There’s a hospital scene where Dex is wearing his kill suit walking through the halls until he comes to a kill room that he recognizes from one of Zach Hamilton’s video or a video that Saxon made while killing Zach, I’m really confused about this. FYi, Zach is the young protege that Dex tries to tutor. He makes his first appearance in Episode 5. 

There’s a scene back at Dex’s apartment w/ Deb & maybe Astor & Cody, Dex tells Astor that she can have his car after the storm passes by. Deb & Dex have a heart to heart and seems as though Dex is planning to leave Miami, I assume again, and Deb talks about going back to being a cop. At that point a pic of Saxon flashes on the local news and states that he is wanted in connection with several murders. I guess Dex leaked some evidence that implicated Saxon in some crimes 

At some point, Saxon goes after Dex, and it looks bad for Dex, but then Saxon feels Deb’s gun at the back of his head and Deb says, “Suprise, mother -”, just like Doakes. Nonetheless, Saxon ends up getting away and the last scene of the episode is Saxon breaking into Debs beach house, possibly as she is home packing, getting ready to leave to meet Dex, Hannah & Harrison is South America. 

Vogel dies in 11 & this is when the funeral takes place. 

Episode 8.12 “Remember the Monsters”

EDITOR NOTES: There appears 2 different set of spoilers for the final episodes. Below is the first one from the poster who posted the above.

Dex, Hannah & Harrison go to the airport presumably to leave for South America, but Dex becomes convinced that security is too tight and Hannah will not be able to get through (maybe?) so he phones in a bomb threat to clear the airport and the three of them leave and head to a bus station maybe… Upon arrival at the bus station, It’s possible that Dex learns that Deb is in the hospital and he leaves to go help her… Later in the episode Dex is seen carrying Deb from a stretcher down to his boat w/ Deb covered by a sheet.

Here are some more that appeared on Reddit and then were later deleted.


Deb is not at a hospital. She is at Saxon’s mental hospital. He’s got her. This helps play in with mirroring season one. Dex rushes there and finds he is too late. Sax killed her. Harry re-appears after the argument in the previous episode. Tells Dex it his fault, should have killed Sax. Dex looks at his phone and sees several missed calls from Deb. He destroys his phone by hurling it at a wall. Dex decides he is going after Saxon and doing what he should have done all along. Hannah pleads with him to let it go, that Elway is closing in and they have to get out of Miami NOW before Laura makes shore. Dex has already made up his mind though. Sax has Debs phone, knows police will track it.” 

Deb really does die in the finale. The last spoken line in the finale is something about legacy, which is followed by nearly 5 minutes of no dialogue, then credits. The series does not end w/ Dex driving out to sea in a hurricane. After finding Deb dead, Hannah begs Dex to just leave for a number of reasons, including the impending storm and the fact that Elway & Marshal Clayton are closing in on her. The scene at the Argentina cafe is all in Dexter‘s head- a what it could’ve been moment. The finale episode is very dark, similar to the first season- Trash432 surmises that the writers have probably known all along how things would end. After you see the end, if you go back and re watch the season you notice a ton of little clues, foreshadowing, etc. and you’ll kick yourself for not recognizing what the writers were getting at. Events starting in episode 9 really get the ball rolling for the finale. 

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Dexter returns with episode 8×09 Make Your Own Kind Of Music on Sunday Aug. 25th, 2013 9/8c on Showtime.


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