Elementary 2×01 Starts In London With Sherlock’s Brother Mycroft

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 8, 2013

Elementary NewsElementary 2×01 Starts In London With Sherlock’s Estranged Brother Mycroft


Here’s the Spoilers on Elementary From Team TVLine at TVLine.com on Sept. 3rd, 2013.


Elementary Season 2 Spoilers

Dormer’s character may be locked up, but she’ll be back. “As we come into the season, [Sherlock is] not obsessing over [Moriarty],” says executive producer Rob Doherty. “But it’s something that we want to revisit over the course of the second season of Elementary. We’ll find a way for Moriarty to get up to some more bad stuff.” But first, it’s London, baby! The Season 2 premiere travels to Sherlock‘s motherland when he is called to help Inspector Lestrade (British actor Sean Pertwee) with a case and ends up crossing paths with his estranged brother Mycroft (guest star Rhys Ifans of The Amazing Spider-Man). “He really had no intention of seeing his brother or talking to him or even telling Joan that he exists,” previews Doherty. As such, “It’s not a very happy reunion, at least initially. But over the course of the episode, we try to find out what drove the brothers apart, what they have in common and what are their differences.” The chance meeting will also make Sherlock “suspicious that Joan wants to have a meal with Mycroft to learn secrets from his childhood, which is not true.” Speaking of the P.I.-in-training, an unexpected request from the son (Smash‘s Jeremy Jordan) of the surgical patient who died in her care will force Watson to examine her feelings of guilt. 

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Sherlock‘s brother will pop up again in Episode 6 or 7, but this time, he’ll be the one making a trip as he travels to New York. 


Elementary returns with episode 2×01 Step Nine on Thursday Sep. 26th, 2013 10/9c on CBS.


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