Dexter Season 8 Spoilers Harrison Could Go Into the Family Business

Written by Sandra Martinez   // July 31, 2013

dexter newsDexter Season 8 Harrison May Be Going Into the Family Business



Here’s the Scoop on Dexter from TV Guide’s MegaBuzz By Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams For July 30th, 2013.



Got any scoop on Dexter— Rick 

NATALIE: It could just be me, but I’m starting to worry that Harrison may end up killing Jaime. That’s right, Dexter‘s son seems to be on the path to getting into the family business, so to speak. Sure, he’s only 4, but he was — like Dexter — born in a pool of blood, so to speak. Meanwhile, that promo that shows what appears to be Dexter being caught is a little misleading. Nevertheless, Dexter will take a risk that could get him caught. 


Dexter returns with episode 8×06 A Little Reflection on Sunday Aug. 4th, 2013 9/8c on Showtime.


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