Dexter 8×10, 8×11 & 8×12 MORE UPDATED SPOILERS For the Series Finale!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 9, 2013

Dexter newsDexter 8×10, 8×11 & 8×12 MORE UPDATED EXTREME SPOILERS For the Series Finale!


Here’s the Spoilers For Dexter Posted by DarkUFO at SpoilerTV on Sept. 6th, 2013.





**Spoilers Updated August 26th, 2013**For Dexter Series Finale Episodes


A Massive thanks to HollaDollar from TWoP for make a large number of edits and updates to try to help clear up the information that was originally posted.

Episode 8×10 Title, “Goodbye Miami” Thanks to Fred222 for the info!
Synopsis: Dexter enlists Dr. Vogel’s help to lure the Brain Surgeon to a location in order to get him on the table. Later, an important person in Dexter‘s life is murdered before his eyes. 

Dex tells Miami Metro that he is leaving. Vogel dies in this episode, the final scene has Vogel dead w/ her throat slit only Dexter & Saxon are there. More info from 10: In episode 10, Quinn meets with Debra at a cafe with roller-skating waitresses, and she tells him Dexter is leaving Miami. In another scene, Quinn and Jamie are having a meal at Angel’s beach cafe. The new Marshal, Clayton (who’s tracking Hannah), shows up at Deb’s beach house while Deb and Hannah are both there. Miami Metro investigates a hit & run accident next to a fountain, with a dead cyclist lying in the middle of the street, and Dex and Batista have a long talk, and then they hug: it is possible Dex was telling Batista that he was leaving. Then there’s the going-away party for Dex, full of Miami Metro types, at Angel’s cafe. Finally, there’s a scene at a dock (supposedly outside Miami Metro), where Quinn & Deb talk & kiss. Dex also sets up a kill room for the Brain Surgeon-Saxon but he can’t quite get him on the table.

UPDATE 8-26-13 In Ep 11: “Monkey in a Box” Thanks to Lauren & Fred222!
SYNOPSIS: Dexter is torn between fleeing the country with Hannah and Harrison, and taking Saxon out once and for all. 

I’m not sure about the exact order of these scenes but here goes:

As we know, Vogel is killed at the end of Ep10 by Saxon and her funeral takes place in Ep. 11. Vogel basically dies in Dex’s arms and he has to use Vogel’s sink to clean the blood off his hands. 

Dex tries to sell his boat to a guy who is only interested in the size of the beer cooler. He wants to get the boat inland before Hurricane Laura hits. The guy passes on purchasing the boat. 

There’s a mental/psych hospital scene where Dex is wearing his kill suit walking through the halls until he comes to a kill room that he recognizes from a video that Saxon made while killing Zach. This is in an abandoned psych hospital that Saxon uses as his lair.

There is a scene at Dex’s apartment w/ just Deb & Dex. Dex dexides that Astor can have his car after the storm passes by. While the TV is on MUTE, playing in the background, a pic of Saxon flashes on the local news and states that he is wanted in connection with several murders. Dex leaked some evidence that implicated Saxon in even more crimes than Saxon actually committed. Dex asks Deb to leave his apartment and to go hide elsewhere b/c he fears Saxon will come looking for him. Saxon sees this same news flash while at a gas station and hurries off.

After seeing his face on the news, Saxon goes after Dex in Dex’s apartment (think ITK style), and it looks bad for Dex, but then Saxon feels Deb’s gun at the back of his head and Deb says, “Suprise, mother -”, just like Doakes. From here, I BELIEVE this is where Dex & Deb take Saxon back to the psych hospital where Dex planned to kill him. However, before getting Saxon on the table, Dexter loses his urge to kill! After losing his urge to kill, Dex decides to leave Saxon tied up so Deb and MMPD can come arrest him. Dex and Deb have a heart to heart. Dex also decides to leave his knives behind w/ Saxon so Saxon will end up getting credit for many, many more murders (all the ones Dex committed and the BHB murders, most likely). Dex tells Deb that he will no longer need his tools as he plans to start a new life w/ Hannah in South America. They share a long hug. A bit later, Harry appears and says something like “I never thought I’d see this day you don’t have an urge to kill”. It is then made clear to viewers that Harry will DISAPPEAR FROM THE SERIES!!!. Dex returns to his apartment to pack & pick up Harrison. They say goodbye to Jamie and Dex locks his apartment door and heads off to meet Hannah at the airport. Harrison is carrying a rolling panda bear suitcase. 

Clayton shows up at the hospital (presumably looking for Hannah) and finds Saxon; he unknowingly unties a wanted Saxon. Saxon returns the favor by killing Clayton in Ep 11. Elway is following-tracking Hannah at the airport in Ep. 11. Dexter and Harrison are at a different location in the airport at this time. 

Sorry for the confusion, scenes are filmed out of order and some info is secondhand so it is difficult to follow at times. 

Note: Earlier it was said the episode ends w/ Saxon breaking into Deb’s apartment but that is not true. Come to think of it, this info further discredits trash432 as he claimed that Saxon broke into Debs apartment as part if his spoilers… 

1. The “suprise motherf__ker” scene where Deb comes up behind Saxon inside Dex’s apartment. 

2. Harrison and Dexter leaving Dex’s apartment one final time and Harrison is carrying his rolling panda bear suitcase; it is hard to see in the still shot but you can tell he’s rolling a suitcase when you watch the video. 


**Spoilers Updated Sept. 6th, 2013**For Dexter Series Finale Episodes

Update: 6th September Thanks to Darthlocke for the heads up on this new set of spoilers as reported by LA Times. Again we have no real way of knowing.

Now a leak from Reddit has some ominous findings about the characters and supposedly reveals the fate of each character. We’re warning you now–if you read the rest of this, you will stumble upon some major spoilers! First off, Dexter does not die. Happy? Don’t get too excited because according to the supposed spoilers, Deb dies in the show. Deb’s death leads Dexter to quit his serial killing profession and to move away with Hannah and Harrison. As for Quinn, he becomes the next Dexter. 

According to the entry, Dexter and Harrison will be on their way to Brazil while Hannah is being followed by Elway. Dexter is receiving phone calls from Quinn, but he ignores it, as he has a fake bomb threat to make (to get Elway off Hannah’s back) and to fix Harrison’s wounds. Once Dexter picks up Quinn’s call, he learns that Deb has been hurt. “Dexter tries to talk again but Quinn again interrupts him. “It’s bad Dex…” and it sounds like Quinn starts crying. Dexter tries to calm Quinn down, but even his voice his shaky as he asks how bad,” writes the supposed Showtime employee. “Dexter’s inner voice comments on how annoying all these newfound emotions have been ever since he saw Vogel killed in front of him. Quinn responds barely fighting back more tears, saying that “They don’t think she’ll make it through the night.”” 

Dexter updates Hannah and returns to the hospital where everyone is there for Deb. Elway shows up and tells Dexter he thinks Deb was working with Hannah, which causes Dexter to explode. Quinn takes Dexter to an empty x-ray lab and tells him that Saxon was captured and that he didn’t tell anyone because Saxon deserves to be killed. Quinn admits that he always had a hunch about Dexter’s ways but was convinced during the Travis Marshall case. “[Quinn] tells Dexter how he sees the good in it, even going as far as saying Dexter has done more meaningful things than Quinn ever has,” writes the anonymous poster. “Dexter falls back into a chair and starts bawling. He tells Quinn everything, how he let Doakes take the fall for BHB, how Deb found out, how Deb killed Laguerta to protect him, and how he could not kill Saxon and has totally lost his urge to kill because of Hannah, and that he was planning on leaving the country with her.” 

Quinn tells Dexter he will do the killing and Dexter gives him the M99. With Dexter’s tools with him, Quinn goes to kill Saxon. Upon capturing Saxon, Quinn learns that Saxon killed Deb for no good reason. Dexter finally goes in to Deb’s room before her surgery. While Deb undergoes surgery, Quinn works on killing Saxon. Quinn ultimately kills Saxon and Deb flatlines, and the doctors are unable to resuscitate her. 

Source: Full Article @ latintimes





While we were looking at the promo for the next episodes of Dexter we noticed that listed on Saxon’s computer were the names of some new victims.


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Dexter returns with episode 8×10 Goodbye Miami on Sunday Sep. 8th, 2013 9/8c on Showtime.


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