Chicago Fire & Chicago PD To Have Crossover Plotlines

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 4, 2013

Chicago Fire NewsChicago Fire & Chicago PD To Have Crossover Character Plotlines


Here’s the Scoop on Chicago Fire and Chicago PD from  From Team TVLine at on Sept. 3rd, 2013.


Spoilers For Chicago Fire and Chicago PD

COMING UP NEXT | Sarah Shahi (who is now a regular on Person of Interest) will return for an episode to resolve Renée and Severide’s sticky sitch “in an effective way,” assures executive producer Danielle Gelber. But her bun in the oven comes with “a surprise twist… that’s going to really impact [Severide and Shay's] close friendship and Severide’s relationship with Renée.” Meanwhile, as Casey tries to move forward after Hallie’s death, “Unexpected things happen… that will really rivet his focus away from that [tragedy].” Now that he’s on the mend, will there be romance for the firefighter and a certain newly single paramedic? “Casey and Dawson are going to continue to be quite a complex duo,” Gelber hedges. “Their very strong friendship is always going to inform everything that happens between them. And yet, there will be some emotional and romantic sparks at some point, too.” As for Mills, whether or not he will commit to the police department “is going to be a question that hangs over the first few episodes,” reveals Gelber. 

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Although spin-off Chicago PD doesn’t debut until midseason, there will be plenty of cross traffic between the shows this fall. In addition to Antonio Dawson and Hank Voight, “some of the characters we’ve created and actors we’ve cast in [Chicago PD] will appear in the first 13 [episodes] of Chicago Fire,” says Gelber. “Chicago Fire people will be on the [Chicago PD] storyline, as well.” 


Chicago Fire returns with episode 2×01 A Problem House on Tuesday Sep. 24th, 2013 10/9c on NBC.


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