Castle Season Six Jack Coleman Returns as Sen. Bracken

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 4, 2013

Castle NewsCastle Season Six Will See the Return of Jack Coleman as Sen. Bracken


Here’s the Scoop on Castle from  From Team TVLine at on Sept. 3rd, 2013.



Spoilers For Season Six of Castle

“Real relationships are not compromised because one person is having success in their career,” Stana Katic notes, perhaps hinting at Beckett’s decisions regarding marriage and the D.C. job. Once those issues are resolved, the show jumps ahead a few months, where the repercussions are proving “more complicated” than expected, Katic shares. Joining the Castle Season 6 mix, you’ve got House‘s Lisa Edelstein (appearing in three episodes as a D.C. crimesolver), Yancey Airas (above) as an elite crimefighter and The Pacific‘s Joshua Bitton (recurring as a 12th precinct newbie that Esposito and dad-to-be Ryan get to razz). “They’re willing to take storytelling risks this season – and I think we’ve got to,” Katic observes. “We’ve got to shake it up.” 

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Beckett’s Moby Dick — the slimy Senator Bracken (played by Jack Coleman) — “will come back,” says Katic, “though I don’t know when, and I don’t know how.” 


Just a bit of trivia from the SpoilerTVNews author-was anybody but me surprised to learn that this is the same Jack Coleman who was Steven Carrington on Dynasty in the 80′s?

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Castle returns with episode 6×01 Monday Sep. 23rd, 2013 10/9c on ABC.


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