Breaking Bad’s EP Vince Gilligan on the Plans For the Saul Spinoff

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 15, 2013

Breaking Bad NewsBreaking Bad’s EP Vince Gilligan on the Plans For the Saul Goodman Spinoff


Here’s the Spoilers For Breaking Bad Posted by Jim Halterman at TV Fanatic on Sept.13th, 2013.


TVF: We got the news of the Saul Goodman spinoff this week. What’s the tone of the show going to be since Saul tends to lean more towards the comedic side of things?

VG: I don’t think it’s going to be an out-and-out comedy but I think there is going to be more laughs and more comedic than certainly Breaking Bad was, though that’s not saying a lot, is it? But we always put as much humor as we could fit into Breaking Bad because I always felt that a show as dark as Breaking Bad would be unwatchable if it took itself too seriously and if it was relentlessly grim so we needed as much humor as we could find to leaven the darkness.

With that in mind, if Breaking Bad is ratio-wise 75% heavy to 25% comedic, which is probably a fair guess, then I think what Peter [Gould] and I are thinking of is the Saul Goodman show would be the flip of that. Don’t hold me to that ratio but that’s the basic idea. It’s certainly not a sitcom but it’s lighter in general with some moments of real drama because Saul deals with some hardened characters and will have dealt with some hardened characters before Walter White.


Breaking Bad returns with epiode 5×14 Ozymandias on Sunday Sep. 15th, 2013 9/8c on AMC.


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