Breaking Bad Season 5 Spoilers The Reddit Leak-Real?*VIDEOS*

Written by Sandra Martinez   // August 4, 2013

breaking bad newsBreaking Bad Season 5 Series Finale Spoilers The Reddit Leak-Is It Real?



Here’s the Spoilers on Breaking Bad from International Business Times by Nadine DeNinno for August 1st, 2013.



A Reddit user claims to have seen the final episodes of “Breaking Bad” and leaked how the series will end online as well as countless other spoilers. AMC

It all began when Reddit user breakingbaaad posted “I’ve seen all of season 5b” in the “Breaking Bad” subreddit section on Monday. The user, who also gave his email, gave plot summaries for the first two episodes and posted the remaining six on Imgur (WARNING: the previous link could possibly contain spoilers). The post reassured the user’s credibility and said the information was correct because the Redditor knows “someone who was involved with the show.”

However, one of the show’s directors confirmed that the leaked information was false. Twitter user @coltonwise tweeted to Rian Johnson asking if the Imgur post was true. Johnson answered him later on Tuesday, saying, “rest easy, they’re very fake.”

“To quote a famous movie, there will be blood,” Breaking Bad EP Vince Gilligan told The Los Angeles Times of the show’s ending.



But, for those of you who want to fanaticize about the leaked post on Reddit being real, or just want to hear a possible prediction, here’s a summary of the leak on Reddit.

According to user breakingbaaad, [SPOILER ALERT] the series ends Walter White blackmailing his brother-in-law Hank Schrader into keeping his real identity of Heisenberg to himself. Hank eventually loses his job and continues to obsess over Heisenberg. Jesse attempts to come clean, though begins using drugs again, before joining forces with Hank. Todd is killed by Walter after his protégé attempts to cook meth for the Czech mob after Walt quits the business. Skyler gets shot dead by the Czech in revenge for Walt killing Todd. Walter Jr. and Holly move in with their aunt and uncle and Lydia is locked up in prison for helping push meth. Then, the Redditor claims, Jesse is kidnapped by the Czech gang and forced to cook, until Walt rescues him and inevitably poisons him with the ricin he saved from season five, episode two.


Bryan Cranston Dishes on ‘Breaking Bad’ in Reddit AMA in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Check out all of Cranston’s AMA answers here on Reddit.


Breaking Bad Season 5 Series Finale- Exclusive: How Will It End? #1


Breaking Bad Season 5 Series Finale- Exclusive: How Will It End? #2


Ozymandias – As Read by Bryan Cranston: Season 5 Trailer


The Complete Heisenberg Song From Breaking Bad

The City’s called Duke The State’s called New Mexico Among the gangsters, The gringo’s name is inflated ‘Cause of the new drug they created They say the drug is blue And the quality pure This potent drug’s runnin’ through the city And no one could stop it if they wanted to The cartel’s running hot because They weren’t getting respect Talking ’bout some “Heisenberg” Who owns the market now No one knows the man Since they haven’t seen his face The fury of the cartel Ain’t no one escaped it yet.

Breaking Bad returns with episode 5×09 The Decision on Sunday Aug. 11th, 2013 9/8c on AMC.


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