Bad News For Chicago Fire Dawson and Mills Shippers

Written by Sandra Martinez   // September 11, 2013

chicago fire newsBad News For Chicago Fire Dawson and Mills Shippers


Here’s the Spoilers For Chicago Fire From Michael Ausiello’s Ask Ausiello at  TVLine on Sept. 10th, 2013.


Question: Do you have any new scoops for Chicago Fire? I’m especially interested in what’s next for Dawson and Mills. Is there any hope for them to get back together? —Máté

Ausiello: They’re done. As in stick-a-fork-in-them done. “They’re over in terms of they don’t get back together,” confirms Chicago Fire EP Danielle Gelber. “But there’s still underlying feelings of a difficult breakup that we will play inter-personally between them. And we’ll watch them both become involved with other people.”


Chicago Fire returns with episode 2×01 A Problem House on Tuesday Sep. 24th, 2013 10/9c on NBC.


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