Arrow Spoilers For Olicity Shippers, Another Death & MORE!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // October 31, 2013

ArrowCWArrow Spoilers For Olicity Shippers, Another Death on the Way & MORE!


Olicity Shippers May Be Satisfied for Awhile, But the Joy May Be Short Lived

Olicity shippers have a must see episode coming up soon, according to Michael Ausiello at TV Line. Things may just be finally heating up.

Ausiello: I hear Episode 6 is a big one for “Olicity.” In possibly related news, I also hear Oliver is going to aim his arrow at one of the women in his life very soon. (I’m talking about his penis.)


But EW’s Sandra Gonzalez reports that if things do look to be headed that direction, it may not last for long. Colton Haynes aka Roy Harper aka Speedy aka Red Arrow aka Arsenal enlightened us on the subject.

Barry Allen/Flash (Grant Gustin) — will he anger Olicity shippers? Haynes was happy to report that he quickly got along with new cast member Grant Gustin (they bonded  over IKEA, in case you were wondering), but there’s one segment of folks who may not be so happy about the arrival of Barry Allen. Namely, Olicity fans. “I know his chemistry with Emily [Rickards] is electric,” says Haynes. “Olicity shippers are going to be in for a little rude awakening this season. I don’t know if they’re going to get what they want.”



BONUS SPOILERS From EW’s Sandra Gonzalez


Another Death Looms Large

Another death? Are you — like Oliver and Co. — still reeling from the death of Tommy? Then you better brace yourself. “I would say there is one more fatality that is coming up,” Guggenheim says.


Summer Glau Reveal Coming Up

We met her in the season premiere, but there’s still much for the audience to learn about Summer Glau’s Isabel Rochev. “She has a surprising connection to the Queen family, which will be revealed in episode 8,” teases EP Andrew Kreisberg. “She’s not an adversary for the Arrow, she’s really an adversary for Oliver.”


Arrow returns with episode 2×05 League of Assassins on Wednesday Nov. 6th, 2013 8/7c on The CW.


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