Arrow Mother Spoilers Here Concerning Felicity and Oliver

Written by Sandra Martinez   // March 4, 2014

Stephen Amell and Emily Betts-RickardArrow Mother Spoilers Here Concerning Felicity and Oliver


Spoilers For Arrow From Ask Ausiello at TVLine posted on Mar. 4th, 2014.


Question: Are we going to see or learn more about Felicity’s parents this season on Arrow? –Anna

Ausiello: It all depends on whether you subscribe to one of the (many) theories that’s been floating around the Internet. Because if you do, this week’s outstanding, edge-of-your-seat episode, “The Promise,” drops some new knowledge about someone.



Question: Now that Arrow‘s Oliver knows Moira had an affair with Malcolm Merlyn, is there any hope for a reconciliation between mother and son? –Nikki

Ausiello: From all appearances, not any time soon — especially given his behavior this Wednesday in the presence of mom’s rakish new friend, Mr. Slade Wilson.


Arrow returns with episode 2×15 The Promise on Wednesday Mar. 5th, 2014 8/7c on CW.


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