Agents of Shield’s Clark Gregg On Coulson’s New Level Of Combat

Written by Sandra Martinez   // July 28, 2013

agents of shield newsAgents of Shield’s Clark Gregg On Coulson’s New Level Of Combat



Here’s the Scoop on Agents of Shield from The Spoiler Room at EW by Sandra Gonzalez For July 25th, 2013.


Sandra, I was lucky enough to see the Agents of Shield pilot at Comic-Con. Holy cow! PLEASE tell me you have something on episode 2. — John

Well, I’ll wait until everyone’s has seen the pilot to dive deep into the awesomeness of Agents of Shield, but here’s what Clark Gregg had to say about what comes next: “It’s a TV show, it’s not a Marvel movie, but it’s more like a Marvel movie than any TV show I’ve ever seen, and we’re spending it all on this pilot,” he said. “And if anything, it’s bigger, wilder, more effects driven than the pilot.” And while we did see Agent Coulson get a little physical in episode 1, Gregg says there’s more action-packed scenes to come. “My action has been pretty sparse in the movies — he’s kind of been like wrangling the super divas you know, like somebody managing the Green Room at Coachella.  And now he’s out in the field and there’s a lot more imminent threats, and yes, I can say safely it’s a whole new level of combat for Agent Coulson.”


Agents Of Shield returns with episode 1×01 Pilot on Tuesday Sep. 24th, 2013 on ABC.


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