A Grey’s Anatomy Triple Scoop of Spoilers!

Written by Sandra Martinez   // March 4, 2014

Grey's Anatomy CastA Grey’s Anatomy Triple Scoop of Spoilers!


Spoilers For Grey’s Anatomy From Ask Ausiello at TVLine posted on Mar. 4th, 2014.


Question: I could really use some scoop on Grey’s Anatomy. Got anything good? —Cora

Ausiello: Jackson and April’s secret wedding won’t remain hush-hush for long. “Now that there is this rule at the hospital that you can’t fraternize, they’re feeling as if they probably have to reveal that they are married,” previews Sarah Drew. “They’re not going to be able to keep it a secret for much longer.”


Question: Any good news for Calzona on Grey’s Anatomy? —Abbie

Ausiello: As you saw last week, the couple has a new crib, although Jessica Capshaw acknowledges, “It’s a lot of putting the cart before the horse. In fact, she adds, “It’s the, ‘If you build it, they will come’ mentality. It’s the absolute wish fulfillment. It’s like, let’s paint a picture of where we would be really happy and then let’s hope we go there and then get really happy.’” And how’s that going for them? “They are making their way,” she teases. But it’s not uncomplicated.”


Question: Can you give us some scoop on what’s to come for Alex and Jo on Grey’s? —Amanda

Ausiello: Not sure if this is in the cards, but Camilla Luddington certainly hopes it is. “Something that hasn’t been touched on that I would love to see touched on is the sexual abuse — or perhaps even rape — that Jo referred to last season in the episode where the tree came through the window,” the actress tells me. “It hasn’t been brought up since, and I want to know know what the situation was and what she went through.”


Grey’s Anatomy returns with episode 10×14 You’ve Got to Hide your Love Away on Thursday Mar. 6th, 2014 9/8c on ABC.


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